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Guest artists, Shaina and Bryan Baira from Detroit, will be taking over BLiPSWiTCH’s Thursday morning class for one-week-only, March 21, 10-11:30AM.

Drop in $10 | First Street Studio, Austin, TX.

Our training uses improvisation, floor work, contemporary partnering, instinct/response methods and company phrase material to exercise the most efficient and alive versions of ourselves. Through acute specificity and focus we will find freedom and cultivate power inside our body. Our technique studies the use of momentum, weight, and successive articulation of our bodies into and out of the floor. We study transitions, unpacking the mechanics and body organizations necessary for seamless shifts of direction and intention. We understand that dance practice and life practice are one in the same, and how our time in the studio is preparation for the moment we leave. - Shaina & Bryan


Photo: Mattias Alegro Marasigan,  Shoestring  (2017)

Photo: Mattias Alegro Marasigan, Shoestring (2017)

Thursdays, 10:00 - 11:30AM

First Street Studios | 2400 E Cesar Chavez St, Suite 202. Austin, TX

$10 Drop-ins

Class will begin with a mix of familiar, functional movement patterns exploring body availability, space occupied, and space created through improvisation and set ideas. After generating muscular warmth, we will continue on to technical phrase work, both standing and floor-centric, drawing attention to momentum, efficiency, and skeletal initiations. We work to expand our limits through a wide range of athletic phrases that are largely locomotive, involving weight shifts, directional changes, and exploring the body’s relationship to gravity.

Together we will create a shared experimental space where mistakes and individuality are welcome. You will sweat.